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Who can invest in Aadhar Asset Management India platform?

Any individual over the age of 18 years having valid PAN and Aadhaar can invest. Corporate investor can also invest in compliance with provisions of applicable Act/ Regulations.

Is investment from an NRI allowed?

Yes, NRI can make investment through NRO accounts or savings bank account maintained in India.

What is the authenticity of Aadhar Asset Management ?

Our Company and the Private Limited with SPV (Pvt Ltd) for investor is registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). We comply with all respective Acts and rules of the Government for doing these activities. Besides we have investors who have already invested through our platforms and getting on time payment.

How do I get started as an investor in Aadhar Asset Management Platform?

You have to register with our website and complete our simple KYC process.

Is nomination facility available for my investment?

Every investor must provide nominee details while registering in our platform. When investor is not available for redeems, nominee receives the returns.


What is fractional ownership or co-investment?

Fractional Ownership or Co – investment means several investors joined together to pool money to make an investment. The income or returns generated out of the investment is divided in proportion to the investment made by each investor.

How the Fractional investment is structured?

A Specific purpose real estate in the form of Limited Liability Partnership (Private Limited) is established with the investor as simple partner.

What kind of document do I need to sign?

Every investor should execute a supplementary Partnership Deed & Partner consent letter relating to the Private Limited.

How do I trust the Lessee?

We do thorough due diligence about the Lessee’s key employees, investors and customers.

How is the rental payment assured?

The rental payment is assured by way of post dated cheques and security deposit, at the time of leasing the assets. We draft agreement in such a way that we have the rights to reclaim the assets for selling or re-leasing.


What is Debenture?

A Company can raise fund through the issue of debentures, which has a fixed rate of interest & tenure on it. The debenture issued by a company is an acknowledgment that the company has borrowed an amount of money from the public, which it promises to repay at a future date. Therefore Debenture holders are considered as creditors of the Company.

How the Debenture investment is structured?

A Specific purpose real estatein the form of Private Limited Company (Company) is established with the investor as Debenture holder. Aadhar Asset Management will manage the SPV on behalf of the investors

. How do I trust the Entrepreneur?

Aadhar Asset Management makes thorough study of the expertise of the entrepreneurs in their relevant field and back ground is verified by private investigation. The references of key employees of the company where entrepreneurs have worked are obtained.


Fractional Ownership


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